Puma range


Problem Solution
No heating dripping hot water tap can prevent heating from coming on. Juts a small drip will prevent the wax capsule diverter valve from opening up and sending heat around the radiators
Overheating/red lockout light hot water microswitch can stick on, checkbrass hot water flow switch, may have leaked onto spindle and caused it to stick on, change both where required
low pressure nor clearing low pressure switch prone to blocking, drain and clear with a ball ended allen key to stop damage to switch, also clear where it screws into boiler
excessive pressure with heating running expansion vessel hose prone to blocking, drain and unblock with a suitable implement, (such as wire coat hanger)
low water pressure switch there is one switch that fits all pumas but check connections, 1 and 3 for the Electronic non pilot versions (80e and 100e), and 1 and 2 for the pilot versions 80 and 100.
noisy ignition

check correct PCB is fitted as pilot model may be fitted to electronic model giving full gas on ignition

total fail neutral connection at top left of modulation (front) PCB can fail meaning no power to boiler. Sometimes burning smell and sizzling noises can be experienced
no heating again, check for dry joints on back of modulation PCB
low flow rate from taps

There is a wax capsule assembly in the temperature limiter. This restricts the water until its warm. The wax capsule may be brittle and not fully opening. Requires a new temperature limiter where necesarry.