Rusty Radiators


Rusty Radiators


Radiators can be susceptible to corrosion from external influences especially in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Mopping floors in these environments can mean moisture rises and tends to always affect radiators, especially along the bottom edges. The warm moist air in a bathroom will also condense onto a cooler radiator in the summer when the radiator is off and run down to the bottom to form drops that rust through from the outside.

So what can we do? If we act early enough, then we can prevent future problems. A simple gentle rubbing down with fine sandpaper, followed by a couple of coats of enamel paint, or radiator paint, and your radiator will be transformed into a fresh, new looking heat emitting panel! Paint can be rollered on, or even sprayed on! As long as the radiator is not leaking, they can come up like new with a little preparation and a lick of paint.

Did you know that the standard finish of most radiators is just basic white primer, you are expected to paint the radiator anyway. They are in effect a blank canvas. But most people like the clean white lines, so inevitably just leave the radiators alone. Just a simple coat of paint, and your radiator will last a lot longer! Some cheaper radiators also tend to have questionable paint finishes, and there can be a lot of bare unprotected metal edges on show, so act now to save your radiators from future problems!

Things you may need to complete the job!



Spray on Paint

Brush on Paint 


Sandpaper for Preparation