Chaffoteaux et Maury


Britony Combi 80&100


Problem Solution
Noise and modulating quickly There is a strainer filter in the plastic housing on the right in the return connection, these clog up
No ingition, pump and fan running

Primary thermistor can fail causing ignition problems

Pressure swings Expansion vessel hose can block causing excess pressure
Water leaks on Left Hand Side

The left hand hydraulic block can have a hairline crack causing intermittent water leaks from left hand side


Britony Combi SE Range


Problem Solution
Lockout Faulty low water pressure switch can cause ignition lockout
Low water pressure switch

Take note when ordering, that there are two available for this appliance, screw in and push in




Problem Solution
No heating Any hot water demand will stop heating from coming on, disconnect heat bank stat, and also water flow switch to eliminate

Original pump had five wires, you may disregard the red and white wires when changing for a new pump as they are not required, just make them safe

Pump and Fan running, no ignition Check primary flow switch is making and also thermistors are in range


Celtic Range


Problem Solution
Pressure swings

Check vessel precharge, should be 0.5bar, check flexible hose for blockages

Air vent can leak into discharge pipe

Calorifier can pinhole internally causing mains water pressure into central heating circuit

Boiler or pump on with no demand

Check the two frost stats on the fan bracket white wire stat should be open circuit above 11 degrees, purple wire stat should have continuity above 3 degrees

Poor Hot Water

If not going to high fire check the hot water thermostat, may be open circuit

Fan running no ignition

May be air pressure problems, check for a slow fan, dirty heat exchanger, make sure air pressure switch is seated correctly, and small venturi pipe is clear