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Fill in the details of the room you wish to add, then click the 'Add Room' button. A summary of the rooms you have added can be found in the section below.
  Name of room :   Height of room (m) :
Type of room :   Width of room (m) :
  What is below the room?   Length of room (m) :
  What is above the room?   Window Area (m²) :
  Type of outside walls :

( From Feet to Metres multiply by 0.3048)

  Type of windows :   Heat loss in Watts :
  Number of outside walls :   Heat loss in BTU's :
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House Summary

Below you will see the outputs of the radiators you require in BTU (British Thermal Units). Adding the total for all the rooms in your house or flat  will give you the demand in BTUs for the whole house. For stored hot water, please add approx 12,000 BTU or 3 kW to the total for a hot water cylinder and 10% for general losses. This will then give you the boiler size you need for your house.


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